• Alexander Rydén

Gimbal Operator / Filmmaker

Globally recognized
for capturing adventure sports
in extreme environments

Skiing camera operator - Jumping with Alexa mini

Operating Freefly MoVi and DJI Ronin
Red cameras, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony Venice, DSLR, and Gopro
Prime lenses or small zooms are possible

In my world, there is no such thing as an impossible angle. It's just a matter of how far you are willing to go to get it. This is the very mindset that has taken me worldwide on my mission to turn unthinkable footage into unbelievable content.

Adventures and adrenaline have always been a part of my life. Filming, on the other hand, hasn't. As a lifelong skier and climber, I've seen and known what true adrenaline feels like, what real danger does to your mind and what the consequences look like.

When I discovered my passion for filming, it occurred to me that I possess a perception of adventure that many in the industry lack. I know what's real, and I know what's not.

My passion lies within extracting the authenticity of true adrenaline, hazards, and outdoorsmanship and with my personal experience I know what will happen at any given moment. But most importantly, I know what is required to get the perfect shot.

The importance of staying in shape can't be stressed enough in my line of work. I travel with the best athletes in the world. It can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. If my body and mind aren't in shape, not only will the cinematography lack in quality, but the consequences can be a lot worse than that. As an 8a+ climber and experienced skier, I hone my skills daily to always be ready for the next adventure.

To cut it short: I need to push myself daily in order to feel comfortable when it really matters.

This is what I live and breathe for—a life of adventure. And I want people to know what it's like. I want people to feel the rush, sense the danger, and see the awesomeness in what it means to be in the most remote places in the world. If I can achieve that, if I can inspire my viewers to turn unthinkable ideas into unbelievable and unforgettable moments, then my goal is reached.

Alex is globally recognized for his unique ability to follow the world's best athletes
in challenging terrain, capturing stunning footage in high-end production quality

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Thule - Commercial Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Ford - TV Commercial Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Field Productions - Aksel Lund Svindal Documentary, Åre Segment Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
Tillman Brothers - The Old World Documentary, Chatel Winter Segment Gimbal Cinematography
Silva - Commercial Gimbal Cinematography
Disovery - Pyeongchang OS 2018, TV Commercial Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
VISA - Pyeongchang OS 2018, TV Commercial Gimbal Cinematography
Cake - Commercial Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
Dubbeldusch - TV Commercial Drone Cinematography
Huawei - Honnor 8, TV Commercial Drone Cinematography
Mitsubishi - Eclipse Cross TV Commercial Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
Nufferton - Online Commercial Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
Haglöfs - Vassi Commercial Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Goodyear - Skicross, TV Commercial Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Atomic Ski - Mattias Hargin, Commercial Gimbal Cinematography
Peak Performance - Redefine 30 years, Commercial Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Peak Performance - FW16, FW17, FW19, FW20 Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Peak Performance - SS15, SS16, SS17, SS19, SS20 Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Volvo V90 - Made by Sweden, TV Commercial Additional Drone Cinematography
Indutrade - Uhrner & Krantz media group, Commercial Drone Cinematography
SVT - Documentary Besegra Berget Gimbal Cinematography
Svenska Turistföreningen - Commercial Gimbal Cinematography
Ice Bug Shoes - Commercial Gimbal Cinematography
Telia - Commercial Drone Cinematography
Hästen - Sleep to Performe, Commercial Drone Cinematography
Sune i fjällen - Feature film Drone Cinematography
Goodyear - TV Commercia Drone Cinematography
Field Production - Head, Commercial Drone Cinematography
Thule - Kristofer Turdell DOP
Primus Equipment - Climbing Bohuslän Director & DOP
The Mountain Studio - Commercial DOP
Skandi - Kajsa Larsson & Malou Petterson Documentary DOP - Big Mountain Skiing
Red Bull - Jesper Tjäder, Unrailistic Invitational DOP
Red Bull - Kristofer Turdell Road To Verbier Documentary Series DOP
Red Bull - Kristofer Turdell Japan Standrad Time Director & DOP
Red Bull - Kristofer Turdell, Skiing Tolpagorni Director & DOP
Red Bull - Windstedt, Alaska DOP
Peak Performance - Follow Windstedt Director & Producer
Peak Performance - Perspective DOP - Skiing & Drone
Peak Performance - Spirit of Alaska DOP
Peak Performance - Resort Skier Carl Regnér DOP
Stellar Equipment - Gudie jacket Climbing Cinematography
Elevenate - Tobias Granat Director & DOP
J Lindeberg - Skiing Canada DOP
Presten - Climbing Movie Director & Producer
Shades of Winter - Between Documentary 2nd unit DOP & Drone
Whiteout Pictures - The Game 1 and 2, Anton Thelander, Nikolai Rogatkin Director & DOP
Whiteout Pictures - Rista Director & DOP
Helly Hansen - Commercial Photographer
Skistar.com - TV Commercial 2013 & 2014 DOP
Axa Fjällmaraton - 2014-2021 Gimbal & Drone
Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships - 2012-2019, 2021 Filmer
Peak Performance Vertikal K - 2015-2017 Gimbal & Drone
Vasaloppet - Promo 2015 Gimbal
Cykel Vasan - Promo 2015 Gimbal
Toughest Gimbal
Stockholm Extreme Gimbal
Amfibiemannen Gimbal & Drone
Engadin Swimrun - TV4 Sport 2014, 2015 Gimbal & Drone
Utö Swimrun - TV4 Sport 2014, 2015 Gimbal
Biathlon World Cup - Östersund, New Century Productions, TV4 Live camera
Ö till Ö - Swedish Mountain Film, TV4 Sport, 2013, 2014, 2017 Gimbal
Åre Cross Country Open - TVåre, TV4 Sport 2013-2015 Gimbal
Red Bull Home Run - 2013 & 2014 Live camera
World Cup Weekend - Tele2, Samsung Filmer & Editor
Swedish Touring Car Championship - HD Resources, SVT Live camera
Åre Extreme Challenge - Swedish Mountain Film, TV4 Sport 2012-2015 Gimbal
Tierra Boulder Battle Director
Apline World Cup - Åre, New Century Productions, SVT 2012 & 2013 Live camera
La Sportiva Legends Only Photographer
Tove Lo - Talking Body Musicvideo, Universal Music Gimbal Operator
La Sportiva Legends Only - Sportsground, SVT PLAY Live Director
Tv Åre - 2012-2014 Filmer, Editor & Producer
Jon Olsson Camo Edition - Audi Promo Drone Cinematography
Bergsport - Climbing magazine Photographer
Nordic Junior Bouldering Championship Live Director


  • "The Flying Cameraman - Meet Alexander Rydén.
    The guy who'll follow your every turn down steep lines and drop huge cliffs - with a camera."
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    — Red Bull —
  • "It's one thing to get a shot standing on solid ground, but it's a whole other level to ski down a mountian (or run, or skate or bike) with a MöVi Pro and keep up with elite thletes!"
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    — Tabb Firchau, CEO Freefly Systems —
  • "Must Watch: Insane filming and dreamy powder in British Columbia One of the most beautiful powder edits of all time."
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  • "This might be the craziest idea ever. Swedish filmer, skier and climber Alexander Rydén from Åre came up with an insane idea this summer: to do a massive rope swing from the ski resorts cable car."
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  • "Alexander Rydén har filmat och gjort jobb för bland annat Red Bull och Peak Performance och med några av världens bästa skidåkare och extremsportare. Dessutom är han en jävel både på att klättra och åka skidor själv och är antagligen en av de bästa i värden med att åka followcam med ett stort gyroskop i famnen."
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Åre, Sweden, +46-76 81 69 429

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