Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Peak Performance – Perspective

Skiing Cinematography

Cinematography: Simon Sjörén, Alexander Rydén
Gimbal Operator: Alexander Rydén
Drone Pilot: Simon Sjörén
Editing: Simon Sjörén
Production: Whiteout Pictures
Year: 2016

Behind The scene - Perspective

Whiteout Pictures went to Canada – BC last winter and filmed with Peak Performance friends Henrik Windstedt, Dave Treadway and Matilda Rapaport. This visually unique edit is the outcome of their trip. In the 4 min edit we go on a visual journey into the heart of the powder skiing that you find in the area around Nelson. The team worked hard on making sure that the images would stand out from the crowd and feel innovative. To accomplish this they hauled a lot of gear out in the backcountry such as heavy lifting drones, gyro stabilizing gimbals, and more in order to get the creative angles of the action. The result is truly awesome and really makes you want to get out there and ski. Right now.

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Whiteout Pictures’s PERSPECTIVE became one of Peak Performance friends Matilda Rapaport´s last production before the tragic accident that cost her life during the summer of 2016. Matilda was a beloved part of the crew that worked together on several projects and is honored with a tribute ending.