Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator


Director and Producer

Director of Photography: Alexander Rydén

Producer: Alexander Rydén
Editor: Alexander Rydén
Grade: Simon Sjörén, Whiteout Pictures
Sound: Simon Sjörén, Whiteout Pictures
Skier: Tobias Granath
Client: Elevenate
Location: Engelberg, Switzerland
Accommodation: Ski Lodge Engelberg
Year: 2021

Skiing brought Tobias Granath to the Mountains

Tobias Granath is an IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV-certified mountain guide based in Engelberg, Switzerland. After moving to the swiss alps, he realized his true passion
Big mountains and skiing was “just” a tool to get there. A passionate mountain with more than fifteen years of experience from skiing and climbing in the mountains around Chamonix, France.

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