Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator


Drone cinematography – All big Mountain skiing

Skadi – a Swedish ski movie about winter in the north. Featuring Kajsa Larsson and Malou Petersson


Alexander Ryden skiing with red camera Photo Julain MittelstädIn Skadi, we get to follow the two Swedish freeskiers Kajsa Larsson & Malou Peterson on a trip to the Northern part of Sweden. From mighty mountain peaks to ancient forests and tundra-like heaths, from green-white glacier meltwater to crystal clear rivers. Northern Sweden is home to the last remaining areas of extensive wilderness in Europe and in this ski movie you will witness the harsh conditions of the area.

From Polar nights to midnight Sun.

Production: Kajsa & Malou
Cinematography: Ola Krondal, Baptiste Sjöström, Karl Sandrock, Alexander Ryden
Editor: Adam Falk
Sound: Hugo Burvall
Grade: Joonas Mattila
Manus: Dope Hammer
Guide: Morgan Salén, Jonas Polsson
Cover: Jonas Claesson

Stadium, Everest, Peak Performance, Merrell, Smartwool, Poc

Skadi ski movie, Kajsa Larsson and Malou Petersson Skiing in high mountain, Lapland Sweden, Photo Alexander Rydén

Skadi - Full Movie

Malou Petersson, Skadi Ski movie

Malou Petersson

Kajsa Larsson, Skadi Ski movie

Kajsa Larsson

Alexander Ryden, Malou Petersson, Skadi Ski movie, Skiing gimbal Operator

Alexander Rydén

Morgan Salén, Skadi Ski movie

Morgan Salén

Baptiste Sjöström, Skadi ski movie

Baptiste Sjöström

Ola Krondal