Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Sunrise – TVC

Skiing Gimbal Operator 

Director: Oskar Wrangö
Dop: Henning Sandström & Daryl Hefti
Skiing Cinematography: Alexander Rydén
Editor: Gustav Öström

Executive Producer: Sandy Blum & Jan Fincke
Producer: Vincent Taeger

Production: Czar
Agency: Thjnk
Client: Sunrise

Production Service: La Casa Films

Marco Odermatt, Fanny Smith & Andri Ragletti 

Skiing with Alexa mini

With an Alexa Mini on a gimbal, I skied down the slopes, sometimes reaching speeds over 100 km/h. This stunt was done to emulate the thrilling point of view of Marco Odermatt as he navigated the race course, capturing every high-speed twist and turn.

The gimbals that was used Freefly Movi Pro and DJI Ronin RS2