Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Moncler – Grenoble

Skiing Cinematography Moncler

Director: Benn Northhover
Dop: Eponine Momenceau
Skiing Cinematography: Alexander Rydén
Client: Moncler

Alexander Rydén Skiing with analog film camera for Moncler

As the second unit action director and cinematography, I orchestrated the action scenes in tandem with the athletes, navigating terrain inaccessible to the main film crew.

My role involved action filming — skiing alongside the athletes while operating the camera. I had the thrill of chasing world-renowned skiers Richard Permin, Perrine Laffont, and snowboarders Shaun White and Xuetong Cai. Their incredible skills are set against the stunning backdrop of snowy landscapes.


This Moncler film captures an exhilarating skiing journey, filmed through the lens of my 16mm analog cameras — the vintage Bolex and the Arri 416.
This project marries the excitement of extreme winter sports with the distinct challenges and visual appeal of analog cinematography.


Join me in experiencing the adventure and mastery of skiing cinematography at its finest in this dynamic film.