Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

a master of capturing
the essence of the wild

His unique blend of athletic expertise
a lifetime spent skiing and climbing
sets the stage for stunning visual narratives

Elevating Action through Unthinkable Footage

Working in challenging terrains is second nature to Alexander.

He excels in taking unthinkable footage, capturing the raw energy of the world’s most remote locations, and translating them into unforgettable narratives.
With Alexander, you get more than just a filmmaker — you get an adventurer who’s spent a lifetime pushing boundaries.

Alexander Ryden climbing Kalymnos

18 years - Climbing

12 years - Filmmaking

30 years - skiing

With more than 40 million organic views on his social channels,
the impact of his work is undeniable

Alexander Rydén, Alpine climbing, steep skiing

In my world, there is no such thing as an impossible angle

It’s just a matter of how far you are willing to go to get it.

This is the very mindset that has taken me worldwide on my mission to turn unthinkable footage into unbelievable content.

Adventures and adrenaline have always been a part of my life. Filming, on the other hand, hasn’t.

As a lifelong skier and climber, I’ve seen and known what true adrenaline feels like, what real danger does to your mind and what the consequences look like.

My passion lies within extracting the authenticity of true adrenaline, hazards, and outdoorsmanship

With my personal experience, I know what will happen at any given moment.
But most importantly, I know what is required to get the perfect shot.

The importance of staying in shape can’t be stressed enough

I travel with the best athletes in the world. It can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening.
If my body and mind aren’t in shape, not only will the cinematography lack in quality, but the consequences can be a lot worse than that. To cut it short: I need to push myself daily in order to feel comfortable when it really matters.


This is what I live and breathe for—a life of adventure. And I want people to know what it’s like

I want people to feel the rush, sense the danger, and see the awesomeness in what it means to be in the most remote places in the world. If I can achieve that, if I can inspire my viewers to turn unthinkable ideas into unbelievable and unforgettable moments, then my goal is reached.


+100 km/h - Skiing with camera

Cameras Red, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony Venice, DSLR, and Gopro
Gimbals Freefly MoVi and DJI Ronin
Prime lenses or small zooms are possible
Skiing with camera packages up to 10 kg

For those requiring assistance with heavier loads, we invite you to submit a request.
Due to the nature of these loads, special gimbals are necessary

Athletes i have chased on skis with camera

  • Shawn White3x Olympic Champion, 6x World Champion

  • Marco OdermattOlympic Champion, 6x World Champion

  • Axel Lund Svindal – 2x Olympic Champion, 5x World Champion
  • Jesper Tjäder2x World Record, 1st XGames, Olympic Bronze

  • Kristoffer Turdell – 2x World Champion Freeride

  • Marcus Kleveland – 2x World Champion

  • Henrik Windstedt – World Champion Freeride

  • Julia MancusoOlympic Champion, 2x Olympic silver

  • Reine Barkered – World Champion Freeride

  • Richard Permin  Multiple World Class movies

  • Fanny Smith – World Champion Skicross, 2x Olympic bronze

  • Perrine Laffont – 5x World Champion Moguls, Olympic Champion

Behind The Scenes