Alexander Rydén

Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

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Sunrise – TVC

Skiing Gimbal Operator


Skiing Cinematography

Ford – TVC

Skiing Gimbal Operator

Discovery – TVC

Skiing Gimbal Operator & Drone Cinematography

Nufferton – Sleepwalker

Gimbal Operator & Drone Camera

Shades of Winter – Between

2nd unit Cinematography and Drone

Tillman brothers – The Old World

Skiing Gimbal Operator

Peak Performance – Perspective

Skiing Cinematography

Field Productions – Aksel

Skiing Gimbal Operator & Drone

Cake – Global Launch

Gimbal Operator & Drone Cinematography

Climbing Kalymnos, Klättring
Gimbal reel 2017

Cinematography, Gimbal Operator, Drone

Red Bull – World Record

Drone Cinematography & Gimbal Operator

Unique blend of athletic expertise
with over 30 years in skiing and 18 years in climbing
enables him to work up close with world-class athletes
Globally recognized skiing camera operator

List of work

Moncler x Shawn White, Richard Permin, Perrine Laffont Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Moncler x Shawn White – Chubby films Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Moncler x Hypebeast – Alpha Productions Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Moncler x Richard Permin – Iconoclast Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Sunrise – Czar Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Thule – Adventure Production Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Ford – MJZ Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Discovery – Pyeongchang OS 2018 – Indio Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
VISA – Pyeongchang OS 2018 – MSL group Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Cake Global launch – Whiteout Pictures Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
Peak Performance – Redefine 30 years Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Peak Performance – FW16, FW18, FW19, FW21, FW22 Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Peak Performance – SS15, SS16, SS18, SS20, SS21 Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Silva – Whiteout Pictures Gimbal Cinematography
Dubbeldusch – New land Drone Cinematography
Huawei, Honnor 8 – Tarot Pictures Drone Cinematography
Unibet – We Are Atlas Gimbal Cinematography
Mitsubishi, Eclipse – Film Art Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
Nufferton – New Land Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
Haglöfs Vassi – Whiteout Pictures Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Goodyear – Skicross – Whiteout Pictures Drone & Gimbal Cinematography
Atomic – Mattias Hargin Gimbal Cinematography
Volvo V90 – Made by Sweden Additional Drone Cinematography
Indutrade – Uhrner & Krantz media group Drone Cinematography
Svenska Turistföreningen – Whiteout Pictures Gimbal Cinematography
Telia Drone Cinematography
Hästen – Sleep to Performe Drone Cinematography
Head – Field Production Drone Cinematography
Aksel Lund Svindal Documentary, Åre Segment – Field Productions Gimbal & Drone Cinematography
The Old World Documentary, Chatel Winter Segment – Tillman Brothers Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Red Bull – Marcus Stöckel World Record, Documentary, Chile Segment Drone Cinematography
Sune i fjällen – Feature film Drone Cinematography
SVT – Documentary Besegra Berget Ski Gimbal Cinematography
Thule – Kristofer TurdellDOP
Primus Equipment – Climbing BohuslänDirector & DOP
The Mountain Studio – Global launchDOP
Skadi – Kajsa Larsson & Malou Petterson DocumentaryDOP – Big Mountain Skiing
Red Bull – Kristofer Turdell, IcelandDOP
Red Bull – Jesper Tjäder, World Record longest railDOP
Red Bull – Jesper Tjäder, Unrailistic InvitationalDOP
Red Bull – Kristofer Turdell Road To Verbier Documentary SeriesDOP
Red Bull – Kristofer Turdell Japan Standrad TimeDirector & DOP
Red Bull – Kristofer Turdell, Skiing TolpagorniDirector & DOP
Red Bull – Henrik Windstedt, AlaskaDOP
Peak Performance – Follow WindstedtDOP & Director
Peak Performance – PerspectiveDOP – Skiing & Drone
Peak Performance – Spirit of AlaskaDOP
Peak Performance – Resort Skier Carl RegnérDOP
Stellar Equipment – Gudie jacketClimbing Cinematography
Elevenate – Tobias GranatDirector & DOP
Ledlenser – MountainbikeDOP
J Lindeberg – Skiing CanadaDOP
Presten – Climbing MovieDirector & Producer
Shades of Winter – Between Documentary2nd unit DOP & Drone
Whiteout Pictures – The Game 1 and 2, Anton Thelander, Nikolai RogatkinDirector & DOP
Whiteout Pictures – RistaDirector & DOP
Helly Hansen – CommercialPhotographer – TV Commercial 2013 & 2014DOP

Unique blend of athletic expertise

Adventure Cinematographer

Skiing camera operator

Alexander Rydén, a globally recognized adventure cinematographer and filmmaker, excels in capturing action in challenging terrains. His unique blend of athletic expertise, with over 30 years in skiing and 18 years in climbing, enables him to work up close with world-class athletes.
Åre, Sweden, +46-76 81 69 429