Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator


Skiing Cinematography Moncler

Director: Jonas Lindström
Dop: Matias Boucard
Skiing Cinematography: Alexander Rydén
Production: Iconoclast
Production Service: La Casa Films
Client: Moncler

Alexander Rydén Skiing with camera - Moncler

Capturing the exhilarating ski scenes in this film was a thrilling adventure. With the camera in my hand, I skied alongside Richard Permin, translating the director’s vision into dynamic, on-slope footage.

In a high-stakes dance with nature, Richard and I were air-dropped onto the peaks, skiing our way down the mountain in sections. Cordinating the timing of each other by ourselves. We reviewed with the director and DP at the base of each peak, ensuring it was captured just as envisioned before moving on to the next shot.