Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Red Bull – Kristofer Turdell, RTV03 Engelberg

Director of Photography

Kristofer Turdell skiing in Engelberg Switzerland. With friends Carl Regner and Hedwig Wessel
Staying and eating good food at Ski lodge

Rider: Kristofer Turdell & Carl Regnér
Location: Engelberg, Switzerland
Production: Whiteout Pictures
Editor: Simon Sjörén
Dop: Alexander Rydén
Client: Red Bull


Kristofer Turdell is finally back in the start gate
as the 2021 Freeride World Tour kicks into gear for the first 2 stops of the season in Andorra

After facing some unexpected difficulties on day 1 the pressure is on for Kristofer, if he wants to make it to the grand finale of the FWT: The Xtreme Verbier
But as we all know, Kristofer truly drives under pressure and he wouldn’t be himself if he did not already have a plan.

After all, preparation is key:

1: Analyze Competition Run’s In Andorra
2: FWT Championship Chess Match
3: Score Powder In Engelberg Hold on tight and enjoy the show!

Featuring heavy internet user, chess mastermind, all-around great guy and ripping skier Carl Regnér

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