Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Red Bull – Kristofer Turdell, RTV02 Sylarna

Director of Photography

Kristofer Turdell skiing at Sylarna, Sweden. With friends Mattias Hargin, Martin Strömgren and filmmaker Alexander Ryden

Rider: Kristofer Turdell & Mattias Hargin
Location: Sylarna, Sweden
Production: Whiteout Pictures
Editor: Simon Sjörén
Dop: Alexander Rydén
Client: Red Bull

We are back with episode number 2 as Kristofer Turdell’s ‘Road To Verbier’ continues.

KT’s plan of action for this week’s episode?
1: Improve High-Speed Turns
2: Shred Some Big Mountains
3: Hit The Gym For Off-Snow Training

Featuring the slopes of Åre, a ski touring exploration to the breathtaking peaks of the Sylarna mountain range, and an outdoor gym session in the snow.
Featuring: Alpine WC Champion Mattias Hargin and IFMGA Mountain Guide Aspirant Martin Strömgren

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