Portfolio Category: Commercial

Gimbal Operator, Copenhill

Ford – Space Reinvented, TVC

https://vimeo.com/549595213 Skiing Gimbal Operator I did all the skiing shots. Skiing next to the athletes with Sony Venice in Ronin 2 Gimbal and framing the shots at the same time. Director: Nicolai FuglsigDop: Ruben ImpensProduction: MJZ

Discovery – Tack Vintern, TVC

https://vimeo.com/251509740 Skiing Gimbal Operator and Drone Cinematography Director: Emil MöllerProduction: IndioDop: Johan PalmAerial Cinematography: Alexander Rydén & Simon SjörénSkiing Cinematography: Alexander RydénEditing by: Fredrik Åkerström  

UNIBET – Morten Langli, TVC

https://vimeo.com/204901356 Gimbal Operator Director: Per-Hampus StålhandskeDOP: Johan HannuGimbal Operator: Alexander Rydén & Simon SjörenProduction: AtlasClient: Unibet

Peak Performance – Perspective

https://vimeo.com/189948798 Skiing Gimbal Operator and Drone Cinematography Cinematography: Simon Sjörén, Alexander RydénGimbal Operator: Alexander RydénDrone Pilot: Simon SjörénEditing: Simon SjörénProduction: Whiteout PicturesYear: 2016 Whiteout Pictures went to Canada – BC last winter and filmed with Peak Performance friends Henrik Windstedt, Dave Treadway and Matilda Rapaport. This visually unique edit is the outcome of their trip. …

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Nufferton – Sleepwalker

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCH2xMLNmg0 Gimbal Operator and Drone Cinematography Starring: Nassim GuammazMusic: Niki & The Dove “Empires”Agency: New LandDirector: Gustav JohanssonDOP: Niklas JohanssonGimbal Operator: Alexander RydénGimbal Operator: Simon SjörénDrone Pilot: Simon SjörénFocus: Johnny Isaksson Producer: Joel RostmarkProduction Manager: Adam HolmströmExecutive Producer: Erik TorellCreative Director: Felipe MonttCreative Director: Henrik Düfke Grip: Andreas DeleyPA: Andrea GyllenskiöldPA: Lucas BrischettoEdit: Christoffer HolmbergGrade: …

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Huawei – Honor 8 Petter TVC 45s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4YdEdS1BlI Drone Cinematography Client: Huawei SverigeProduction: Tarot PicturesDirector: Indra HeröDOP: Johan Hannu Drone Pilot: Oscar OhlsonDrone Cinematography: Alexander Rydén Year: 2016

Cake – Launch

https://vimeo.com/251788459 Gimbal Operator and Drone Cinematography Global launch of CakeLight, clean and silentCAKE develops uncompromising high-performance electric off-road motorcycles. CAKE’s mission is to speed up the journey towards a zero-emission society while enhancing excitement and fun. All components are made from scratch to optimize the riding performance in this new category. Every little detail is …

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Visa – Pyeong Chang OS 2018, TVC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtcBHfadElo Skiing Gimbal Operator Visa Tap and Pay, Pyeong Chang OS 2018: Marcus Kleveland DOP: Henning SandströmGimbal followcam: Alexander RydénProduction: MSL Group

Mitsubishi – Launch of Eclipse Cross

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOEypXg9eg Drone Cinematography I did all moving car shots in this Commercial, together with Whiteout Pictures Production company: Film ArtDOP: Johan HelmerDrone Pilot: Simon SjörénGimbal Operator: Alexander Rydén

Dubbeldusch – Extreme – TVC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSNTgm7RacM Drone cinematography Director: Sheila JohanssonDP: Mattias RudhProduction Company: New LandDrone Pilot: Simon SjörénDrone Cam OP Skate: Alexander Rydén

Peak Performance – Life in full swing

https://vimeo.com/211458999 Cinematography: Simon SjörénCinematography gimbal: Alexander RydénArt Director: Erik EkströmProduction: Whiteout PicturesClient: Peak PerformanceYear: 2016

Goodyear – TVC10

https://vimeo.com/181821972 Production: Whiteout PicturesCinematography: Simon Sjörén & Alexander RydénCinematography Aerial: Alexander RydénEditing: Simon Sjörén

Peak Performance – Magic Hour

https://vimeo.com/117468328 Gimbal Operator Commercial Magic Hour Seasonal movieProduction: Whiteout PicturesCinematography: Simon SjörénGimbal Operator: Alexander RydénYear: 2015

Peak Performance – Redefined

https://vimeo.com/179724567 Gimbal Operator Cinematography: Simon SjörénGimbal Cinematography: Alexander RydénArt Director: Erik EkströmEditing: Simon SjörénProduction: Whiteout PicturesYear: 2016

Peak Performance – Seasonal

https://vimeo.com/149410783 Gimbal Operator Production: Whiteout PicturesArt director: Erik EkströmCinematography: Simon Sjörén, Alexander RydenGimbal Operator: Alexander Ryden Year: 2016  

Gimbal Reel 2014

https://vimeo.com/124286053 A mix of gimbal shots from diffrent commercials and events Year: 2014

Peak Performance – Running

https://vimeo.com/117471594 Running Gimbal Operator Commercial Running CollectionProduction: Whiteout PicturesCinematography: Simon SjörénGimbal cinematography: Alexander Rydén Year: 2015