Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Peak Performance – Perspective, Behind the scenes

Perspective, Behind the scenes, Gimbal Operator, Alexander Rydén Skiing, Henrik Windstedt

Alexander Rydén Skiing Camera operator, filming Henrik Windstedt in Canada

Behind the scenes of a pioneering dynamic ski film, utilizing cutting-edge filming tools to create an extraordinary powder edit. See skiing camera & gimbal operator Alexander Rydén Henrik in the challenges and rewards of working with innovative equipment in harsh environments. Red Bull lauds the final result as visually unique and inspiring, setting a new standard for ski footage.

FREESKIER Magazine: Must Watch: Insane filming and dreamy powder in British Columbia.

This gem came to life with the most modern filming tools possible, and the result is absolutely stunning—one of the most beautiful powder edits of all time”

Henrik Windstedt: "You should have seen the amount of gear that we brought up the mountain, felt like were making Interstellar 2."

Most of it isn’t made for this type of environment either. Really impressive that it works. The reward when you see the final edit makes it all worth the effort though. Fun working with these creative guys using McGuiver solutions that is totally out of the box.”

Red Bull: “Visually unique edit"

The outcome of their trip and the team worked hard on making sure that the images would stand out from the crowd and feel innovative. The result is truly awesome and really makes you want to get out there and ski. Right now”

Simon Sjörén, Producer, Whiteout Pictures

Some of these shots was the kind of stuff we’ve been dreaming of capturing for a long time. It really pushed us and the equipment to the max. So proud of the team effort put into making this project happen

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