Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Titlis South wall – Steep skiing, Engelberg

Titlis East wall, Steep skiing Engelberg, Switzerland, Alexander Rydén skiing, brant skidåkning

Titlis South Wall, Engelberg

Alexander Rydén tackled the exposed Titlis South Wall in the heart of Engelberg, Switzerland. This isn’t your average ski run. With a slope of 45 degrees, it presents a constant threat of avalanches, falling rocks, and ice, making every second on the mountainside a test of skill and courage.

But the danger doesn’t end there. At the base of the slope lies a 50-meter cliff, turning any fall into a potentially fatal consequence. Every turn, every jump is a calculated risk.

Alexander Rydén, Steep skiing Engelberg, Titlis South Wall, Extreme skiing

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@alexanderryden_film How we skied Titlis South Wall Last two winters, I have been practicing skimountenering with friends. Somedays ago, @felixlundin and I explored the south wall of Titlis together. Varied snow conditions. Would be fun to ski it again one day. 📍Engelberg, Switzerland #skiing #freeski #skidåkning #skimountaineering #climbinglife #engelberg #steepski #adventure ♬ Mountains – Hans Zimmer

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