Alexander Rydén / Filmmaker / Gimbal Operator

Climbing Presten, Lofoten Norway – Documentary

Climbing Presten, Lofoten

is a documentary about two friends who decided to perform something they’ve never done before.
Climbing a 500m cliff with traditional gear, can’t be too hard, just put a wedge in and go, right?

Watch two people with completely different personalities and backgrounds, but, with a common goal, encounter major setbacks and struggles and celebrate joy as they overcome their hardships – together.

The documentary takes place at one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic places – Lofoten, with a lot of fantastic scenery and Northern Lights, sit back and enjoy.

Alexander Rydén and Erik Wennberg climbing presten.

Trailer Presten

Can you spot headlamps beneath Lofoten's aurora?

Presten Full Movie

Alexander Ryden big wall climbing, Presten Lofoten

Alexander Ryden

Erik Wennberg, climbing Presten Lofoten, Klättrar Presten,

Erik Wennberg

Cinematography Marcus Alhström
Director Alexander Rydén