Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography: Simon Sjörén Aerial Cinematography: Alexander Rydén Year: 2014

Trail Running School #3

Peak Performance Trail Running School with André Jonsson Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography: Simon Sjörén Aerial cinematography: Alexander Rydén Year: 2013

Reine Barkered & Jackie Paaso – Biking Åre

Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography: Simon Sjörén & Alexander Rydén Editing: Alexander Rydén Color Correction: Simon Sjörén

Alaska action – Henrik Windstedt – Red bull

Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography & Edit: Alexander Rydén Year: 2015

Goodyear TVC10

Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography: Simon Sjörén & Alexander Rydén Cinematography Aerial: Alexander Rydén Editing: Simon Sjörén

Entering a skiers mind – Matilda Rapaport

Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography: Alexander Rydén Grade: Simon Sjörén Editing: Alexander Rydén

Walk the Plank – Dave Treadway

Cinematography Alexander Rydén Simon Sjörén Gustav Sandegård Gimbal Cinematography Alexander Rydén Editing Simon Sjörén Production Whiteout Pictures

Dubbeldusch Extreme – TVC

Director: Sheila Johansson DP: Mattias Rudh Production Company: New Land Drone Pilot: Simon Sjörén Drone Cam OP Skate: Alexander Rydén

Peak Performance – Redefined

Art Director: Erik Ekström Cinematography: Simon Sjörén Gimbal Cinematography: Alexander Rydén Editing: Simon Sjörén Production: Whiteout Pictures Year: 2016

Launch of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

I did all moving car shots in this Commercial, together with Whiteout Pictures Production company: Film Art DOP: Johan Helmer Drone Pilot: Simon Sjörén Gimbal Operator: Alexander Rydén

Ski touring Tolpagorni – Kristoffer Turdell – Red Bull

One day documentery ski touring with Kristoffer Turdell. Directed & filmed by Alexander Rydén

Launch – Cake

Global launch Light, clean and silent CAKE develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road motorcycles.
CAKE’s mission is to speed up the journey towards a zero emission society, while enhancing excitement and fun. All components are made from scratch to optimize the riding performance in this new category. Every little detail is elaborated for perfection, while considering…

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Huawei – Honor 8 Petter TVC 30s

Client: Huawei Sverige Production: Tarot Pictures Director: Indra Herö DOP: Johan Hannu Drone Pilot: Oscar Ohlson Drone Cinematography: Alexander Rydén Year: 2016

The Game – Anton Thelander and Nicholi Rogatkin

The Game – Team Whiteout – Åre Video Challenge 2016 Riders: Anton Thelander and Nicholi Rogatkin Produced by: Simon Sjörén & Alexander Rydén Editing & Sound Design: Simon Sjörén Grapichs: Marcus Alhström Cinematography: Alexander Rydén & Simon Sjörén Additional Cinematography: Marcus Alhström Production: Whiteout Pictures Year: 2016

RISTA – Kayaking

Athletes: Marcus Junkka & Petter Lindberg Production Company: Whiteout Pictures Drone Pilot: Simon Sjörén Cinematography & Editing: Alexander Rydén Year: 2016

Perspective – Peak Performance

Whiteout Pictures went to Canada – BC last winter and filmed with Peak Performance friends Henrik Windstedt, Dave Treadway and Matilda Rapaport. This visually unique edit is the outcome of their trip. In the 4 min edit we go on a visual journey into the heart of the powder skiing that you find in the…

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Shades of Winter – Between

Production: Sandra Lahnsteiner, Red Bull Mediahouse Year: 2016 Location: Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand Director: Sandra Lahnsteiner Edited by: Tom Kohler Director of photography: Mathias Bergmann Cinematography 2nd unit, Engelberg, Abisko, Hawaii, Matterhorn: Alexander Rydén Aerial cinematography Abisko, Hawaii: Alexander Rydén Premiere in Cinema: October 7th 2016 A documentary style action sports feature film embracing…

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Discovery – Tack Vintern, TVC

Director: Emil Möller Production: Indio DOP: JOHAN PALM Aerial Cinematography: Alexander Rydén & Simon Sjörén Skiing Cinematography: Alexander Rydén EDITING BY: FREDRIK ÅKERSTRÖM  


Alexander Rydén Action Cinematographer / Gimbal Operator Music Faded – ZHU (Odesza Remix) ZHU ODESZA Starring Markus Junkka Henrik Windstedt Sandra Lahnstiner Julia Mancuso Matilda Rapaport Mattias Hargin Dave Treadway Johan Weimer Erik Wennberg Oscar Carlsson Tove Styrke Nadine Wallner Theresa Tomelitsch Staffan Eriksson Jan RydÈn Joakim Lagergren…

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