Kajsa Rosén – Breaking the law 8b

Moon ambassador Kajsa Rosén climbing Year: 2014

When the skiiers sleep part 2

Director and Producer Short documentary about what happens during the night in åre ski slopes Cinematography, Production, Editing: Alexander Rydén Year: 2014

When the skiiers sleep part 1

Short documentary about what happens during the night in åre ski slopes Cinematography, Production, Editing: Alexander Rydén Year: 2013

Reine Barkered & Jackie Paaso – Biking Åre

Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography: Simon Sjörén & Alexander Rydén Editing: Alexander Rydén Color Correction: Simon Sjörén

Entering a skiers mind – Matilda Rapaport

Production: Whiteout Pictures Cinematography: Alexander Rydén Grade: Simon Sjörén Editing: Alexander Rydén

Dave Treadway, Canada, Walk the plank

Walk the Plank – Dave Treadway

Gimbal Operator Cinematography Alexander Rydén Simon Sjörén Gustav Sandegård Gimbal Cinematography Alexander Rydén Editing Simon Sjörén Production Whiteout Pictures

Northen Lights, Lofoten, Climbing, Klättring, Alexander Rydén, Ryden

Climbing Presten – Documentary

Director, Producer and Climber A Documentary about two friends who decided to perform something they’ve never done before. Climbing a 500m cliff with traditional gear, can’t be too hard, just put a wedge in and go, right? Watch two people with completely different personalities and background, but, with a common goal, encounter major setbacks and…

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Spirit of Alaska – Peak Performance

Director of Photography Ski Episode – Spirit of Alaska Production: Whiteout Pictures Editing & Post Production: Simon Sjörén Cinematography: Alexander Rydén Year: 2015 THERE IS A FEELING that is shared with skiers all over the world. It’s nothing you can teach, learn or explain. It’s something you feel. Something you know. It stops you from…

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Kristoffer Turdell ski touring tolpagorni mountain, Lapland, Sweden, Alexander Rydén, Ryden, Adventure, kebnekaise

Ski touring Tolpagorni – Kristoffer Turdell – Red Bull

Director, Producer and Skiing Gimbal Operator Shot during one day. A mini-documentary Kristoffer Turdell and friends ski touring tolpagorni in Sweden

Marcus Junkka droppar ristafallet, åre

RISTA – Kayaking

Director and Director of photography Athletes: Marcus Junkka & Petter Lindberg Production Company: Whiteout Pictures Drone Pilot: Simon Sjörén Cinematography & Editing: Alexander Rydén Year: 2016

Shades of Winter – Between

2nd unit Cinematography and Drone Production: Sandra Lahnsteiner, Red Bull Mediahouse Year: 2016 Location: Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand Director: Sandra Lahnsteiner Edited by: Tom Kohler Director of photography: Mathias Bergmann Cinematography 2nd unit, Engelberg, Abisko, Hawaii, Matterhorn: Alexander Rydén Aerial cinematography Abisko, Hawaii: Alexander Rydén Premiere in Cinema: October 7th 2016 A documentary-style action…

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Action Cinematographer / Gimbal Operator Music Faded – ZHU (Odesza Remix) ZHU https://www.instagram.com/zhu/ https://www.facebook.com/zhu/ ODESZA http://odesza.com http://odesza.co/facebook http://odesza.co/twitter http://odesza.co/instagram http://odesza.co/soundcloud Starring Markus Junkka Henrik Windstedt Sandra Lahnstiner Julia Mancuso Matilda Rapaport Mattias Hargin Dave Treadway Johan Weimer Erik Wennberg Oscar Carlsson Tove Styrke Nadine Wallner Theresa Tomelitsch Staffan Eriksson Jan RydÈn Joakim Lagergren Madeleine Ziegert…

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