• Alexander Rydén


Alexander Rydén

Skiing and Running with gimbals
Camera operator on drones with precision filled movements
Action Cinematographer in mountains where others can’t get to



Alexander Rydén is a gimbal specialist. Unique gimbal skills of skiing and running fast in the most difficult terrain and still deliver silky smooth shots. Camera operator on Mövi and drones, with precision filled movements. Alexander grew up in Edsåsdalen, a small village just outside of the ski resort Åre. He has been skiing since 4. Competing in climbing on Swedish elite level as a teenager. ”There is no such thing as an impossible camera angle.”


Atomic Ski – Mattias Hargin, Commercial Gimbal Cinematography
Peak Performance Summer 2016, Commercial Gimbal Cinematography
Volvo V90 – Made by Sweden, Commercial Aerial Gimbal Operator
Indutrade, Uhrner & Krantz media group, Commercial Aerial Gimbal Operator
Peak Performance Spirit of Alaska Cinematography
Ice Bug Shoes, Commercial Gimbal Operator
Telia, Commercial Aerial Gimbal Operator
Sundsvall stad, Commercial Aerial Gimbal Operator
Hästen – Sleep to Performe, Commercial Aerial Gimbal Operator
Musicvideo Tove Lo, Universal Music Gimbal Operator
Peak Performance Summer 2015, Commercial Gimbal
Östersund stad, Commercial Aerial Gimbal Operator
Peak Performance Trail Running school Aerial Gimbal Operator
Helly Hansen, Commercial Photographer
Sune i fjällen, Feature film Aerial Gimbal Operator
Head Ski, Commercial, Field Production Aerial Gimbal Operator
Night Light Skiiing Aerial Gimbal Operator
Jon Olsson Camo Edition, Audi Commercial Aerial Gimbal Operator
Goodyear Aerial Gimbal Operator
Åre Bageri, Commercial Photographer
Åre Kommun, Commercial Cinematography
Skistar.com Commercial 2013 & 2014 Cinematography
Michelin, Product movie Cinematography & Editor
Mini Cooper Promo Åre Cinematography & Editor


Vasaloppet Gimbal
Toughest Gimbal
Stockholm Extreme Gimbal
Cykel Vasan Gimbal
Axa Fjällmaraton Gimbal
Amfibiemannen Gimbal & Aerial
Engadin Swimrun, TV4 Sport 2014, 2015 Gimbal & Aerial
Utö Swimrun, TV4 Sport 2014, 2015 Gimbal
Biathlon World Cup, Östersund, New Century Productions, TV4 Live camera
Ö till Ö, Swedish Mountain Film, TV4 Sport, 2013, 2014 Gimbal
Åre Cross Country Open, TVåre, TV4 Sport 2013 & 2014, 2015 Gimbal
Red Bull Home Run, Redbull 2013 & 2014 Live camera
World Cup Weekend, Tele2, Samsung Filmer & Editor
La Sportiva Legends Only, Sportsground, SVT Director
Swedish Touring Car Championship, HD Resources, SVT Live camera
Åre Extreme Challenge, Swedish Mountain Film, TV4 Sport 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Gimbal
Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Filmer
Tierra Boulder Battle Director
Apline World Cup, Åre, New Century Productions, SVT 2012 & 2013 Live camera
Nordic Junior Bouldering Championship Director
Stockholm Hockey Leauge Director & Filmer
La Sportiva Legends Only Photographer


Magic master, Joe Labero Photographer
Yohio consert, Bollmedben, Universal Musics Filmer
Musicvideo, Jaquline Filmer
Digster Party Cruise, Bollmedben, Universal Musics Filmer
Peak Performance, Swedish Mountain Film Filmer
Product movie Michelin Filmer & Editor
Söderberg & Partners, Pointbreak Filmer
Tv Åre 2012, 2013 & 2014 Filmer & Editor
Mini Cooper Promo Åre Filmer & Editor
Goodyear Ice Driving Event Photographer
Minicooper during Redbull Crashed Ice, Åre Filmer & Editor
Nordic Junior Bouldering Championship Director
Bergsport (climbing magazine) Photographer

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Åre, Sweden, +46-76 81 69 429

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